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08-29-20 JUST GIVE

A daily reflection from Pastor Bay on Matthew 6:3

I hope you realize that you have been exceptionally gifted... gifted with an opportunity! Today, you will have the ability to give something to someone. No strings attached. Just giving. Blessing.

It may be money. It may be your time. It may be a kind word. Whatever it is, I pray that when the moment comes that you give it and don’t look back. Don’t even let your left hand know what the right hand is doing, don’t give your left hand the time of day to step in and stop you.

What is your left hand? That little voice in the back of your head, resisting your desire to give, which jumps up and down, screaming at you, “don’t give that away!!! You might need it!!!!” Don’t you know that the Lord provides everything that you need?

And sometimes, (here’s something to wrestle with) sometimes the Lord provides for others through what has already been given to you.

When we let our left hand hold us back, we are in essence missing an opportunity to share God’s blessing with others who we were intended to share God’s blessing with. We are not to hold nor hoard the blessings we have received, we are to see to it that others are blessed!

The whole world is hungry for God’s blessing, and you have the means to bless others — You will have that opportunity today. Don’t let your left hand get in the way. Give to those in need, and may you never regret doing what is right. Share the blessing!

PRAYER: God thank you for the way you have blessed me; may I be a blessing in someone else’s life. May I give as you give, love as you love, point others to you... giver of every good gift! In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

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