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08-22-20 The Greatest Among You ...

A daily reflection from Pastor Bay on Matthew 23:11

I remember managing a pizza shop, and someone would ask why my shift seemed more fun than other shifts. “I can tell when you’re working,” they’d say, “because everyone is singing, and having a good time... it even makes the pizza taste better!” Part of the reason may have been what our scripture hits on today.

I worked right there with them. I didn’t elevate myself higher than any of my workers. I didn’t sit in the office, nor did I push all the unwanted tasks off on others — I’d even clean toilets, just the same as I’d expect any of my staff to. We had fun together... because we went through the difficulties together, too.

Jesus is calling out the Pharisees in today’s scripture. He is pointing out that they do all these things, and as leaders, people look to them... but he goes on to tell them that they aren’t the ones who deserve the seat of honor, that seat belongs to God. Jesus came to serve us. God’s own Son, the greatest of all, cleaned toilets for us. “The greatest among you will be your servant.”

People who look at Christ followers and wonder, “how are they singing, having a good time...I think the pizza even tastes better!” It’s because Jesus is right there with us in the midst of every struggle — our victory is in him alone!

PRAYER: Jesus, humble me today to serve and not be served. May my work show that you are at work in my life, and may others take notice of the fact that, with you, not only does the pizza taste better... but life itself becomes the best it could ever be. Amen.

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