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07-16-20 GOODNESS

A reflection on Psalm 34:8 from Pastor Bay:

Have you ever tasted something, something horrible that made you say to yourself, "Never again...I will never eat that again!"

Or have you ever watched something, that the mere mention of watching it again, or perhaps it was a film with the same actor... And you said, "Nope. Never again...I will never watch another movie."

These are normal responses for us as humans, a protective measure against any future pains these types of things may cause. Today's scripture is a wonderful reminder that if we taste the Lord...we will truly taste what goodness tastes like. If we look at Jesus...we will see what goodness looks like. The encouragement in this scripture, especially for those who are on the fence about seeking Christ in their lives, is this: you are about to experience what GOODNESS is all about!

For those who are already in a relationship with Jesus Christ it serves as a reminder: no need to look elsewhere, this is what GOODNESS is all about.

So wherever you are in your walk, beginning, or a little ways down the road, or contemplating starting that relationship for the first time -- "Come... Taste and see that the Lord is good!"

Once you've tasted, you can't untaste...

Once you've seen, you can't unsee.


God, reveal to me your goodness that I may know what goodness truly tastes like... Truly looks like. I am tired of the partial goodness this world offers, cover me with true goodness... Which is only experienced in a relationship with you. Amen.

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